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Access to innovation spurs regional diversification and growth

Cluster development is essential for community survival and development. It can help diversify industry to ensure communities are not overly reliant on one sector, while creating an ecosystem that simultaneously stimulates the growth of Canadian SMEs and attracts international players to the area. A case study of the Sarnia-Lambton region highlights both the necessity of thinking long-term about regional cluster development, and the active part that colleges play in cluster building through efforts such as providing infrastructure, bringing together partners, and providing research and development (R&D) for SMEs.

Disrupting the status quo – a new approach to partnership

This article is part of the Applied PeR$pectives series By: Dr. Darren Lawless, Dean, Applied Research & Innovation, Humber College Innovation and collaboration are words we hear and read almost daily – in meetings, in news stories, and in corporate mission and vision statements. Without the partnerships to back them up and actions to make…