Person: Paul Dufour

What Canada’s new innovation agency can learn from the rest of the world

The new Canada Innovation and Investment Agency faces daunting challenges and will need political autonomy, be free to take risks in picking companies and sectors for funding, and have strong private sector support to succeed in increasing business R&D investment and innovation, say innovation and policy experts.

Canada requires a new, effective and inclusive science advisory architecture

Canada needs to reimagine its science advisory apparatus to take a more strategic, ecosystem approach, say Paul Dufour, Senior Fellow at the University of Ottawa’s Institute for Science, Society and Policy, and Jeff Kinder, Executive Director, Science and Innovation, at the Institute on Governance, in an op-ed.

Requiem for a National Network Program

This article is part of our Fast Policy Facts online series By Paul Dufour December 12, 2018 With the news that the Trudeau administration is apparently terminating the former Mulroney administration’s Networks of Centres of Excellence Programme and replacing it with a new scheme, a 30-year-old experiment has come to a close. No rationale or…