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CCA report fuses research and industrial R&D data to expose weak linkages between home-grown S&T and wealth creation

Canadian science and technology and industrial R&D are faced with a growing risk of becoming branch plants of research, innovation and competitiveness for other countries. While not new, this conclusion reached by an expert panel tasked to examine the issue that says the severity and urgency of the situation are increasing due to rapidly evolving global trends, the “start and sell” mentality of many tech entrepreneurs and the ecosystem damage inflicted between 2006 and 2015.

Budget critics miss the point: The future of education is the foundation for innovation

The most recent federal Budget has garnered headlines more for what people say it did not do than for what it does. It has been branded as anodyne — a do-nothing Budget, a place holder while we wait to see what our neighbours to the south will do. A recent Nanos poll reported in the April 17/17 Globe and Mail shows that “Canadians dislike [the] Liberal budget,” more for not tackling the deficit than for anything it does.

Dr Robert Luke

Dr Robert Luke has been appointed VP research and innovation at OCAD Univ, the same position he has held at George Brown College since 2013 where he was instrumental in attracting more than $80 in industry and government support for research at the Toronto-based institution. Beginning August 29, Luke will be responsible for OCAD’s strategic…

Greg Hood

Greg Hood has been appointed CEO of CIMTEC — The Centre for Imaging Technology Imaging Commercialization — effective immediately. He replaces Bart Sullivan who held the position since 2012. Hood comes to the London ON-based CIMTEC from the Genesis Centre, the business incubator of Memorial Univ. He is also CEO and co-founder of Ucentrik Inc,…

Angelique Mannella

Angelique Mannella has been appointed McGill Univ’s first-ever associate VP innovation (R$, March 21/16). Mannella holds a BEng (computer and electrical engineering) from McGill, an MSc information systems from The London School of Economics and Political Science and an MBA from INSEAD (France)….

Robert Luke, Vice President, Research and Innovation at George Brown College

Supply and demand in the innovation economy
By Dr Robert Luke

Canada leads the world in tertiary education, yet we have persistent problems increasing our capacity for innovation and productivity. Canada has excellent basic research capacity, but we are weak in our ability to innovate and commercialize research.