Person: Dr Catalina Lopez-Correa

The pandemic pushed open science forward in Canada, but the gains have been modest

The COVID-19 pandemic has been called a “stress test” for open science — one that, by most accounts, it passed. The sharing of new scientific knowledge and data about the SARS-CoV-2 virus and its impacts has been fast and furious. But not all experts are convinced that open will become the new norm for science in Canada. At least, not yet. 

New COVID-19 portal aims to nationalize genomic data sharing

Canada is poised to launch a national portal that will provide a near real-time snapshot of the evolving COVID-19 pandemic across Canada, including the detection and spread of variants of concern. It will also establish the national data infrastructure Canada needs to track future pandemics.

Dr Ralph Paroli

Dr Ralph Paroli has been appointed the 2016 board chairman of ASTM International, a West Conshohocken PA-based association for testing and materials which has defined and set more than 12,000 standards used globally. Paroli has been R&D director of measurement science and standards at the National Research Council since 2013 after serving as the NRC’s…

Dr Catalina Lopez-Correa

Dr Catalina Lopez-Correa has been appointed VP sector development and chief scientific officer of Genome British Columbia after eight years in two senior roles at Genome Quebec. Lopez-Correa announced her departure from Genome Quebec last November just weeks prior to the departure of president and CEO Marc LePage (see page 4) and has taken up…

Dr Martin Taylor

Dr Martin Taylor has been appointed executive director of the Canadian Research Data Centre Network (CRDCN) beginning April 1st for a five-year term. Taylor has held several key research management positions and academic appointments over a long and varied career. After 20 years at McMaster Univ, Taylor was appointed the first VP research at the…