Person: Claire Morris

Claire Morris

Building university research capacity
By Claire Morris

As the federal government develops its science and technology strategy, the Association of Universities and Colleges of Canada (AUCC) commends its commitment to maintaining our country’s G7 leadership in public sector R&D investment, a significant portion of which is university-based.

Dr Marvin Fritzler

Dr Marvin Fritzler has been appointed chair of the board of directors for the Alberta Science and Research Authority (ASRA), succeeding founding chair Dr Robert Church who is stepping down after 10 years. Fritzler has a strong background in biotechnology research and is a professor of medicine at the Univ of Calgary. He held the…

Dr Michael Raymont

Dr Michael Raymont has been appointed interim president of the National Research Council (NRC) replacing Dr Arthur Carty who assumed his new duties as national science advisor to the prime minister on April 1. The appointment – effective for a maximum of 90 days – will see Raymont join the NRC’s governing council and perform…

Claire Morris

Claire Morris has been appointed president and CEO of the Association of Universities and Colleges of Canada (AUCC), replacing Robert Giroux who is leaving the position for retirement after nine years. Morris comes to the AUCC from the Privy Council Office where she was DM intergovernmental affairs since May/02. She also held other senior federal…