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Editorial: Can anyone tell me why I need 5G?

Purveyors of 5G hardware are eager to tell us how important this technology will be for Canadian innovation, but new goods and services arising from this technology are likely to come from its users, not necessarily its manufacturers. Although the Chinese firm Huawei was banned as a manufacturer, it remains an active partner with many of the early adopters of 5G systems, which raises questions about whether Canadians will enjoy any of the economic benefits generated by innovation carried out and supported by Canada. It is a tale as old as the inventor of fire, who reaped few rewards compared with those learned how to work with fire.

What Canada’s new innovation agency can learn from the rest of the world

The new Canada Innovation and Investment Agency faces daunting challenges and will need political autonomy, be free to take risks in picking companies and sectors for funding, and have strong private sector support to succeed in increasing business R&D investment and innovation, say innovation and policy experts.