Social Finance White Paper 2018

Canada’s Moonshot: Moving Toward a Joyful Future

A 2018 white paper written and published by The Impact Group and RE$EARCH MONEY


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“Canada’s Moonshot: Moving Toward a Joyful Future”

We sit at an interesting moment for Canada. We have the potential to be bold, and to lead the world forward on its journey to be a better, more sustainable place for those who inhabit it. Many around the world look to us as a progressive, just and joyful society, with a history of leading the way in social reform. As this paper is being written, other countries are implementing plans to enhance and encourage social innovation and social finance initiatives. Now is the moment that the global social finance market is expanding rapidly, and we have to seize it.

This white paper presents an overview of the ideas discussed at the forum Canada’s Moonshot: Moving Toward a Joyful Future, which happened on September 27th, 2017. The intention is to disseminate these ideas, and to engage the social finance and social innovation community in their further development.

We hope this paper will allow the community to build on the three moonshots proposed at the forum. We hope that people will fill in suggestions for milestones, potential stakeholders and timelines, as well as recommend other people they think should be involved. We would also welcome suggestions of resources we should read to expand our history/landscape sections.

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