Pfizer Canada funds MaRS Innovation for health sciences research

Pfizer Canada has contributed $800,000 to MaRS Innovation to support new ideas or technologies in health sciences research in areas of therapeutics, diagnostic and treatment tools, and manufacturing technologies. The MaRS Innovation – Pfizer Translational Research Fund will be managed by MaRS Innovation. Priority projects are in cardiovascular disease, inflammation, immunology, rare diseases, vaccines, and oncology. Through this partnership, Pfizer Canada is boosting its support to health innovation and research in Ontario. John Helou, president of Pfizer Canada, described this as an example of pharmaceutical investment in Canada’s innovation ecosystem that is not currently captured in the Scientific Research and Experimental Development (SR&ED) program. Despite this, Helou said the company’s commitment is aligned with the new Ontario government action plan to develop the province’s life sciences industry. Pfizer’s approach to fulfill this commitment is to collaborate with academic scientists, patient foundations, governments, biopharmaceutical companies, healthcare professionals, and organizations such as MaRS Innovation, which is a provider of commercialization services and early-stage funding.