Statistics Canada breaks out distribution of federal S&T and R&D

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March 31, 2003

The National Capital Region (NCR) continues to be home to the largest single portion of federal science and technology expenditures, according to the latest Statistics Canada data on their geographical distribution. In FY00-02, federal S&T outlays amounted to $6.7 billion, with $2.16 billion or 31.7% billion spent in the NCR.

The provinces and territories account for $3.96 or 59% of the total, with the remainder spent abroad ($250 million or 3.7%) and in various other categories not assigned geographically ($373 million or 5.6%).

Of the S&T spending assigned geographically, $1.347 billion or 34% was spent in Ontario, followed by Quebec ($1.021 billion or 25.8%), British Columbia ($479 million or 12.1%), Alberta ($327 million or 8.7%) and Nova Scotia ($220 million or 5.6%).

Federal S&T spending was up in all provinces except for British Columbia, where it dropped 9.4% from the previous year, and New Brunswick, where it declined 5.6%. The province experiencing the largest single annual increase was Quebec, where outlays jumped 22.6% from $833 million in FY99-00. In comparison, federal S&T spending in Ontario increased 2.9% for the same period.

Of the federal S&T total, $3.9 billion or 58.1% is R&D (including the NCR). The tally includes federal intramural R&D ($2.1 billion), and support for businesses ($545 million), universities ($1.15 billion) and other performers ($124 million).

The NCR accounts for $885 million or 40.8% of intramural R&D spending, with the rest spread across the country. Quebec received the largest share ($354 million), followed by Ontario ($314 million), Alberta ($116 million) and BC ($111 million).

Within the NCR it’s virtually all on the Ontario side of the Ottawa River. Ottawa is home to $846 million in R&D, while Gatineau (formerly Hull) has just $39 million. Quebec’s share for related scientific activity (RSA) within the NCR is somewhat higher. Of the $1.24 billion spent in the NCR on RSA, $1 billion is spent in Ontario, while $216 million is spent in Quebec.

Of federal R&D grants and contracts to industry in the natural sciences, $234.5 million was in Ontario, $186.4 million was in Quebec and $49.2 million was in BC.


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